Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #6 -Drag Washer with Zeno Hromin

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4 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #6 -Drag Washer with Zeno Hromin

  1. Vito Orlando

    Z, You were correct when you stated that most of us just throw the rod in the garage after a night’s fishing. I know I am guilty of that. Your tip about loosening the drag so that pressure is taken off the drag washer is one of those little things that we hear about that can make or break an outing. I know from personal experience that I have had my drag fail because of the washer. Once again, Great Tip. Its a those little things.


  2. Joe GaNun

    I’ve been doing this for a couple of years but I cannot remember who suggested it. Another issue with loosening the drag after each outing is when you forget that it’s loose and fire off a weighty plug some line slips across your index finger just before you let go. That’s a recipe for a nasty cut since we all use braid these days. Been there and done that…ouch.


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