Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 46 Using heads as bait

I always found it perplexing when I would walk on the beach and found a guy chunking, with bunker heads scattered all around him. Granted when I fished with bait a lot I went all out to do it, what I considered the “right” way. This means nothing more than having the right tools for the job. Although I have caught a 47 pound doozie on a chunk with Lami GSB and VS the softness of a spinning rod, the feature that makes them great for casting plugs, sucks when you are lobbing chunks. In fact some times when I tried to lob a head with my GSB I thought the rod was going to snap like a twig ( big props to Lami here for just how versatile GSB is). So I bought myself GSB 136 1MH which many would describe as conventional “meat stick”. Be that as it may, paired up with Abu 7000, you can probably cast a live squirrel with that a  100 yard



But you get my drift


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2 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 46 Using heads as bait

  1. Joe GaNun

    A “live squirrel” and “the scream” ? Those will be on the SCJ highlight reel forever.
    Great tip. Straight forward and easy as usual.


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