Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 44 Leaders Basics

Some thoughts on Striper Day III when I come up for air.

Here is a board with raffle prizes. This year we called raffle all day long and texted winners right away which worked great!!

2 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 44 Leaders Basics

  1. Chuck G.

    Ever see those fishing films on trolling for salmon? The line looks like a 1/4 inch rope and does not deter the salmon from that bait. Fluorocarbon is a waste of $ but fishermen will by anything and ice can be marketed to eskimos. Save your hard-earned dough and get yourself a spool of 40/50 lb big game; it will last several years…

  2. joseph ganun

    As Bill always points out when recommending mono leaders. The bass or blue is already staring at a snap, split rings and trebles which don’t seem to bother him. Why would mono.


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