Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 31- Lure Storage

The winner of a trip with Bill Wetzel is Wade Devlin-Scherer

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I was trying to organize some lures for the fall run, when I realized that I no longer carry a thousands lures in my truck. Somehow in last few years i drastically cut down on number of lures i carry with me. I used to have a giant box with probably over a hundred “spare” lures that would never seen water all year. Then I cut back quite a bit and only carried whatever was in my bag that night. If i didn’t not have it, oh well, I’ll have to do without.

But i did remembered the struggle to keep all those lures easily available, organized and to do it without spending a lot on some organizing “solution”. Let’s face it, most of tackle systems sold in stores are made for either freshwater or offshore anglers

This simple idea works..and its free

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2 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 31- Lure Storage

  1. Charlie_p

    I get 8 to 10 super strikes in the large Clorox wipes tubes from Costco. I put a smaller tube in the middle to minimize hooks fouling other lures. Smaller tubes can be “ice” brand drinks or the plastic tubes for fluorescent lights. Works great.

  2. dickd

    You beat me to the punch by pointing out tennis ball containers are great for storing lures, and the price is right. They also fit nicely into milk cartons for storage or when traveling.


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