Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 24 Beach Structure, Sandbars and Troughs

I’ve done this video last fall at Smith’s Point (yes, once in awhile they actually do let us drive with out permits in the beach).

Every time I look at this short clip I remind myself just how vastly different underwater structure can be yet we might not be aware of it all.

I in in Europe visiting my 92 years young  grandmother. Got more videos lined up for you but till then, I will be quiet and enjoy every minute of being with the most important women in my life

Hope you all have a great summer


4 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 24 Beach Structure, Sandbars and Troughs

  1. BigJim

    Right on Zeno too many people over look sandy beaches because they can’t figure out where that structure is but like you said if you find that sand bar and figure what tide you will be in fish and thanks for another great issue of SJ

  2. Daniel

    Is there contact information for guys like Lou or Dave Anderson available on the site? I’ve been in the market for a custom built blank for several months, and I’m simply inquiring as to whether or not that is something they’d be interested in discussing. Either way, I sincerely appreciate SJ and I’m a better fisherman because of you guys. Thank you for your time.


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