4 comments on “Surf Fishing 101 with Zeno Hromin- Fishing in the White Water

  1. Charles Paniszyn

    Great video! l love your enthusiasm.

    It was fun to hear about the day whitewater all of a sudden made sense to you.

    Almost like you and Doc Muller, I had read about the importance of white water in your book, The Art of Surfcasting with Lures. But you telling the story really made that point come alive.

  2. Bob Rottmann

    Have been trying to figure out how to communicate with Zeno Hromin. You published a video about Line Stretcher lures several years back so thought you might be able to steer me in the right direction. I understand they closed shop several years ago but cannot figure out why no one has tried to pick up the design. Casts like a rocket and works so well for me on bluefish. Down to my last lure. Cannot find any on e-bay which is not surprising since can’t see anyone not keeping what they have. Any info would be most appreciated.



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