Surf Fishing 101 Episode 25 Lure colors with Bill Jakob

I hope you are all having a great summer. I recently returned from family visit to Europe and sure are having hard time adjusting to …going back to work and gym ! I am not sure which one is more painful than the other.
I can see on social media that sharking is in full swing locally. And I am guessing fluke fishing is on and off. Bass fishing is pretty awful everywhere unless you take into account one place that lights up for few days every moon cycle.

Here is Surf Fishing 101 video from November 2016 issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine with Bill Jakob

2 comments on “Surf Fishing 101 Episode 25 Lure colors with Bill Jakob

  1. jimmyz

    Exactly. One thing he didn’t mention though was the action of the plug. But this guys on point with his thoughts on plug colors.

  2. chuck Gricus

    Old time surfcasters stuck with white, blue and black. That’s why older Atom swimmers are blue and white and big fish have been caught mid day with big black atom swimmers. Most newer plugs are meant to catch fishermen…


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