5 comments on “Surf fishing 101, Episode # 2 Needlefish Lure video

  1. Steve MacDonald

    Alright, alright dammit. Im gonna break down and buy one. A nice wooden one with some weight to it. Ive avoided these even though they have great reputations. It used to bother me to pick up what looks like a skinny broom handle with barely any real action and fork over $20 (or more). But i understand its a must have for the bag, and I’m a plug addict so….

  2. Chris C

    Never had alot of success with Needles, a few fish here and there over the years.. Thankfully I’ve always kept a few in the bag because this fall fishing at Napatree Pt ,Needles were absolutely deadly! The Bass were taking Needles and nothing else. Ill never leave home without them! Great Job guys! Love the magazine and videos!


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