Surf Fishing 101 Episode # 1

We’ll get back to some giveaways and I got a lot of thoughts that I want to share about Costa Rica, PENN Clash and few other things, but today the first in the series Surf Fishing 101 videos

Episodes 1-4 are included in the November issue while Episodes 5-8 are in the current, January issue of the magazine

Just make sure you log into your account to watch the full version

6 comments on “Surf Fishing 101 Episode # 1

  1. Richard Fuchs AKA Woodwker99

    Just wanted to let you know that the reason you cant get on rocks is because Orvis makes flyfishing gear. your wades are cut for stream fisherman. lol…
    Keep them 101 videos coming. maybe there wont be as many googs when your done…. just a ton of orvis wearing surf fisherman…lol…

  2. Aaron

    Fishing on the west coast there is almost no one to learn from or be mentored by with surf fishing for Stripers. The video series is more valuable than you realize. Thank you so much for all the work you’re pouring into them. All the guys I fish with talk about them for hours after they’re posted. Please keep them coming!

  3. Joe GaNun

    Read the note on the Orvis waders above, and watched the video. All I can say ( I’m an LL Bean wader guy ) is that Orvis needs to hear this. I do some limited trout fishing and find that big logs, large rocks etc are obstacles every time out even when you are playing with the sissy stick.

    1. Thomas Curran

      I have a friend that works there in product development..I sent him the video..not sure if he watched it or just blew it off,,hope not..he is a rabid fly fishing guy..Ill ask him when I see him..I told him it was good bona fide information..Fish On!

  4. Thomas Curran

    Zeno..if you want send me a private email and I can give you his name..I told him he has to value SCJ crews expertise and years of doing this sport..


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