Striperthon wrap up and winner of a Guided trip with Bill Wetzel

I would like to thank again all the sponsors and participants of the SJ Spring Striperthon 2015. We are glad you all had fun and won some awesome prizes from our sponsons,

Our sincerest thanks goes to the sponsors for making this possible, PENN Fishing,Lou Caruso, StormR, Guppy Lures, Super Strike lures and Spiderwire. We are really lucky to have such great sponsors and readers who share out belief that in the days when there is a drastic reduction in numbers of striped bass, we should be supporting and promoting catch and release.

Again, congratulations to all winners.

The winning fish came from New Jersey where Ryan Sherwood feed a Super Strike Darter to this 47.5 lb cow.

Let’s do it again in the fall !

The winner of a full day, 6 hours guided trip with NY Surf Fishing Gide extraordinary Bill Wetzel is Dan Radman…

trip is for one or two casters for a full 6 hour trip. Giveaway excludes trophy trips. Trip must be booked on or before 5/15/16. Winner should contact Bill Wetzel at 631-987-6919 and mention SJ giveaway.

I hope you guys are catching fish, I hope the have stripes, God knows this is the worst spring I have ever fished through in my life. But if you live and fish the Canal or RI you are probably having a decent spring. If you fishing NJ, you had a really, really good run in April/May. If you fish LI and you had an awesome spring with bass, my hat is off to you. Since I decided to kind of pull the throttle back a little to give myself more time for family and to fish, I fished and fished and fished. In fact, I might have fished more in last month and a half than in last two years combined. You have to understand that between writting the blog, contests,, giveaway, FB and twitter page, advertising sales, billing, video and God know what else, it does not leave a lot of time to do what i like most…fish. And I am glad Dave Anderson is stepping to the plate with his weekly contribution

bad elbow gave me the excuse not to fish last two years but now i am thankfully feeling better and fishing like I used to….however I am not catching like i used to !


but tomorrow is another tide…and I am psyched ..because just a thought of casting a plug in those legendary waters gives me the chills.

But more about that next time

Have fun, catch them up and have a great spring


3 comments on “Striperthon wrap up and winner of a Guided trip with Bill Wetzel

  1. Dave Whitney

    Congrats again Ryan on that cow!
    Z, feel your pain on the fishing. I’ve done the same as you the last 6 weeks fishing every day here on L.I.
    I’m doing better than last year with bass so far but the size of the fish sucks. Maybe a sign of good things for the future but the big fish seem to be gone.

  2. KahlilP

    I caught a nice Striper and released him this past Friday but went out before the SCJournal2015 ID was issued. It was 21 pounds and 38 inches. I caught the fish at 7:10 PM My real question is would it have been counted if i used a device and taken a picture of the fish with measurement and a device with that ID on the device.?


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