First I would like to thank my lovely and indispensable daughter Michelle for helping me tabulate and organize all the entries, votes and winners. I would also like to thank all of our STRIPERTHON 2011 sponsors, St Croix, Penn, Tsunami, Commando Surfcasting, Hansom Pliers, Guides choice, Super Strike, Line Stretcher, WileyX, Lure Tubes and Choopy Lures.

Here are your winners. The most important part of this contest is that each and every one of these beautiful fish were released to swim another tide. Congratulations to all the winners, all of you who voted and thanks to all of our sponsors for making this possible.

All the winners, please contact me with your shipping address so I can pass it on to the sponsors


First place


Second Place

Third Place


Fourth Place


Fifth place


Sixth place


Seventh Place


Eight place


Ninth place


Tenth place


First place winner will receive the St Croix Legend rod of his choice, from the fine folks fat  St Croix Fishing.

Second prize winner will receive a custom bag from Commando Surfcasting

Third prize winner will receive a Penn Battle Spinning reel

Fourth prize winner will receive pair of Wiley X polarized shades

Fifth place winner will receive pair of Hansom Saltwater pliers

Sixth place winner will receive set of lures from Super Strike

Seventh place winner will receive a set of lures from Choopy Lures

Eight place winner will receive a set of lures from Guides Choice Lures

Ninth place winner will receive a set of lures fro Line Stretcher Lures

Tenth place winner will receive a Complete Set of Lure Tube System


Here are some of the pictures of prizes

28 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2011 WINNERS !!!

  1. Dennis

    Congratulations to the winners, all great pics and next year ill have a shot at catching one of those released beauties. Happy holidays.

  2. Dave W.

    All these guys are winners. Congratulations.
    Great job and thanks for letting them go so we all get a shot at them next year.

  3. Moses

    Congrats to all the winners! Happy holidays to all on SJ. Thanks guys for releasing those big girls. You guys earned your prizes. Thanks to all the companies who provided the prizes. Tight lines

  4. Jeremy Antworth

    Inspiring pictures every one. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved on a splendid success, I had a blast watching it go down! ….and Zeno “to swim another tide” that is poetry man.

  5. Rob B

    Congratulations Terence! Glad I was there to take that picture of you and that nice fish. I am happy that it is swimming freely and enjoying Christmas!

  6. Michael Moore

    Congratulations to all the winners and they deserve it! Those were all great photos and Awesome stripers!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  7. Greg Tucceri

    congrats to all entries and winners, hope to be back in the running next year. The torch crown has been passed. Enjoy and happy new year to all at SCJ.

  8. Jimmy

    O.K., Fess up. How many of you clicked on the link to this article because you mis-read the title to say “STRIPPERTHON”. There are some good looking fish here though 😉


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