STRIPERTHON 2011…starts tonight..and a Lure Tube Giveaway

So,  here were are again. A year older and (supposedly) a year wiser. On the top menu you will find  a link to STRIPERTHON 2011 , or you can just click on this link

We decided that the contest is fine as it was last year. Personally I would like to see a Surfcaster’s Cup as a top prize, something that we might consider for next year.  I don’t know about you but to me this is a fun thing. The whole fishing thing is a fun thing. Once you bring in the competition, the fun quickly disappears, so let’s keep this fun, as it should be.

I should know. There was a time when I let the competiveness get better of me and almost lost it all. When I think about all the shit I put my wife trough, I realize I am married to  a saint. I know better now…

I like the idea of giving guys in CA a chance to enter their stripers. I think that is kind of cool. Please spare me the chatter that contest should start earlier because you are into the fish already. If that is what you are thinking then you are missing the point of this whole thing. Promoting catch and release of our beloved striper, encouraging younger ones to fish and have fun in process. That is what this is all about. And if you manage to win something, great.

I am not going to give you a speech of how you should release every fish you catch. I would be a  hypocrite as I love eating striped bass and anything else that swims including skate, sea robins, you name it. I never understood where it comes from when people say “remove the dark portion of the filet because it tastes fishy“. Huh?….why don’t you just buy a chicken instead ? I’ll never get that one

Anyway, you guys that are blog subscribers are automatically entered into a Striperthon 2011. No need to do anything. I tried to involve some other people this year so that it does not get stale. We are very much appreciative of our current and former sponsors of the contest.

So guys and dolls, after midnight tonight, your fish can be entered into our contest. Yes, I know that taking two pictures of the fish prolongs the time the fish is out of the water. And yes, I do understand that some of you are annoyed that is not the biggest fish contest instead of a best picture contest. I don’t share your feelings..

I don’t think no one is going to fish more because of the contest but I am certain many of you will keep it in the back of your mind. And that is all we ask for. So go out there and have a wonderful season and be safe. And most of all, have fun doing it. We are looking forward to seeing your submissions.

I promised you are giveaway every day till issue 7 debuts so here is today’s giveaway.

From our good friend and supporter Evan from Lure Tubes comes today’s giveaway. One of you will win a long sleeve Lure Tubes shirt, one Lure Tube to store your lures, skin plugs or whatever you choose to and a Lure Tube hat.

Check them out at


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