STRIPERTHON 2010…Time to vote

Ok, ladies and gentlemen

What you have below are 15 pictures we picked out for you. You will vote for (one) picture, your favorite shot. The winner of most votes will receive the grand prize. The one with second most votes ,first prize and so on. The ties will be broken by another vote for only the pictures that are tied. You can click on each picture to make them larger.

We spent a lot of time and effort in putting this together, please take a minute to read these few rules.

Most important, remember that we are celebrating the release of these big fish. Every one of these beauties was released to swim and spawn again. I personally congratulate each angler on their wonderful achievement. Of course we would like to give you grand prize in person and snap a few shots if possible. If not ,we will get it to you by mail. Please take into consideration that the grand prize, Penn Torque 5 bailess reel is according to Penn on order and we should be receiving it within next 10 business days.


  • Only Blog Subscribers, who registered to the blog before October 31st are eligible to vote. If you are not a subscriber or you registered at the latter date., your vote will be deleted when we do a final tabulation. We will go over each vote and compare it to the email we have on file from you.
  • Voting is not open to friends, family, ex-girlfriends and mistresses 🙂
  • Please vote with an email you receive Blog updates.
  • You can only vote once and for (1) one picture

That is it. Very simple.

Thank you all for participation and I will now bow out and let you guys make a hard choice.

Good luck to all

183 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2010…Time to vote

  1. woodwker99

    My vote is for #14, this was tough.everyone was great. the first one looked like a fresh water land locked with all the woods around it…And the forth was too published. So again I vote for #14 as I love the action shot of the landing. And Z… you need to look up my e-mail as you said I didn’t count on the kids vote and I have been a subscriber under this e-mail since issue 2…..we got it squared away, you registered with another email

  2. Tyler

    #2, is my vote, great to know all those fish went back to swim again, thanks for setting up this catch and release torney, great idea.

  3. Huck Finn

    My vote is for #2. Keep the kids involved – on the beach and petting the fish before they go back in the drink 😉

    Great job to everyone and best of luck to the contestants…

  4. Charlie G.

    I vote for #2 also. It’s the only picture with a kid in it and looks like she enjoys fishing. We need more kids starting to learn this sport for the future.

  5. Zeno Post author

    Thumbs up requirement were only for verification purposes..if we liked the shot we used it with or without thumbs….I do need a favor though…can we please refrain from making comments on pictures?
    becouse then its only a matter of time before someone tries to diss someone jacket,plug or got noting nice to say it, save it for those other places…we did this to promote catch and release and I do not want anyone to in any way minimize the efforts it took to make this contents a reality or the efforts of those that submitted entries…

    my vote goes to #7

  6. Philip Brill

    #2 because the picture is well composed and tells a story with the little girl in it. Also, the clouds in the sky are a nice aesthetic touch.

  7. Anthony Rich

    I vote for number 2 because it is so nice to see a dad and his kid fishing together.That day can bring back so many memories!I like picture number 2!Good Luck too all!

  8. Jason

    #14 is a cool photo in my eyes. You can focus in on three areas; the angler, the fish, or the distant red sky.

    Good fish everyone. At year’s end can we get a slideshow of all entries?

  9. backlash

    Wow! Some great pictures and fish! Tough to pick one. But #14 gets my vote. Congratulations to all those lucky surf rats!

  10. SurfNH

    Z this is a great thing you are doing. Our group really appreciates all your hard work in promoting conservation for the fish we all love.

  11. Dave

    They are all great photo’s. However I vote for #2 for the sharing of the moment and the teaching of conservation for her future and in turn the wisdom of her sharing with and teaching her children.

  12. Mike S.

    Wow this was tough …. some amazing fish in some amazing pic’s!

    My pick has to go with pic. no. 14 …. beautiful shot forever saving a great moment.

  13. Steve S.

    Wow, this was a tough one. But between the beautiful fish and the amazing sky, not to mention a dad spending time with his little girl, I have to vote for #2. Congrats to all who submitted entries and thanks to Zeno and crew for putting this all together.

  14. RatherBeInRI

    Number 4. Looks like a tough spot to fish and the effort paid off. Good luck. All great pics and awesome prizes, thanks SJ!

  15. Brian K

    #3 !!!
    Have to vote for this picture. The contest is for pictures of fish that were released.
    This is the only picture that actually looks like a released fish after the catch and it is still in the water.
    Good job.

  16. Lee S.

    Number 14. All great shots. But the lighting and the moment you can just feel the anticipation of getting your hands on that fish


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