STRIPERTHON 2010 prize winners

ok ladies and gentleman, i think we can all agree that all who sent in shots of their fish that were released are winners…but by contest rules, you had to pick your favorites

It is my pleasure  to announce the winners of STRIPERTHON 2010.

Here they are


  • Grand Prize – Penn Torque rod and reel #14
  • First Prize – Van Staal FP7000 Pliers #2
  • Second Prize – Lamiglas Rod Surf and Jetty XS 10MHS rod #3
  • Third Prize – Korkers Guide Boots #4
  • Fourth Prize – 5 Salty’s Custom Plugs #tie #1 and #11
  • Fifth Prize – 5 Super Strike Custom Plugs tie#1 and #11
  • Sixth Prize – 3 Lordship Lures Custom Plugs #5
  • Seventh Prize – 4 Big Water Custom Plugs #7
  • Eighth Prize – 5 Rhode Island Poppers Lures tied between picture,#9 #10#12
  • Ninth Prize – 5 RM Smith Custom Lures tied between picture #9 #10#12
  • Tenth Prize – $50 Gift Card from LI Outdoorsman tied between picture #9 #10#12

As you can see, there is a tie for 4th and 5thprize… 8th and 9th and 10th prizes. We are going to have a vote again for only those pictures.

4 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2010 prize winners

  1. jasonb2

    Congrats to all the winners awesome job. Z Thanks for putting in such a great effort to make sure they all have an early chrismas.

  2. Steve K.

    Congrats to all the participants and to all those that try to preserve the Striped Bass in order to have good fishing down the road. Thanks to Zeno and Surfcaster’s Journal for the opportunity.
    We all need to spread the word on conservation and keep on with the C&R and the CPR: Catch, Picture, Release!

    Thanks Z!

  3. Greg T.

    Thanks Z for an amazing contest,would also like to thank Steve K. for taking me under his wing and taking great pics.congrats to all the other entries as well,looks like 2010 was a great year for everyone here,#14.

  4. Dave Beck

    In reply to ” About Time “. If these people were located in East Hampton they probably would have gotten away with it for the most part. Just look at the recent sentencing of the Lesters from that township. Question is : How come the federal government didn’t charge them under the same statutes ?


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