Striper Surf Fishing – Bomber video by John Skinner

yet another video fro SJ resident genius John ” I-can-catch-fish-in-the-road-side-puddle” Skinner

This time John hammers fish on Bombers

Imagine that..a Bomber!..not a $200 plug from ebay


7 comments on “Striper Surf Fishing – Bomber video by John Skinner

  1. Brian K

    Was online looking for recent striper videos and saw John posted a new one about 8hrs ago.
    Great video and lots of good info for upcoming season.
    Thanks to him and you guys for letting people know.

  2. HeinekenPete

    Thanks for another informative video, John, I always learn something new watching them!
    A question about swapping out hooks–On lures with three sets of trebles, will leaving off the middle treble & replacing the rear hook with a single dressed siwash affect the action of these lures that the designers worked so hard to perfect? Thanks…

  3. mike nj

    i hear he wears a blond wig an a dress thats why you dont see him….hahahahah….but when your good….your good….very impressive….ok…ok…a brown wig

  4. JohnSkinner

    Pete – Good question. Most of us mess with factory hook configurations frequently. Just because the factory in Arkansas lays it out a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right and only way. In the end you try a few things and then settle on something that works. I’ve always hated three sets of trebles on a plug.

  5. Manny

    Ok – next video John will be catching stripers on a wooden clothespin with a hook while blind folded.

    Great videos — they make me cry.


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