Striper Day 2016

Who is glad Show season is over ! Can I get an Amen?

No offense to anyone who enjoys attending these shows, but the vendors get absolutely exhausted eating God awful food every weekend, and standing on their feet all day. You also have to understand (and hopefully respect) that most of manufacturers reps do not get compensated for doing weekend shows. As one well known rep told me, “ no one asks me on Monday in the office what show did you do this weekend or are you tired, they ask if i was ready to produce”

So here is my salute to these hard working guys and ladies. Don’t feel sorry for them, most of them love what they do and would not trade for the world but you have to understand that world of “shows” has drastically changed in last few years.

We use to have “big” shows like Somerset, RISAA and Suffern which big boys attended, and smattering of flea markets that manufacturers reps general would not attend. A guy selling a gorgeous St Croix rod is not going to compete with a dude selling $1 sinkers or $2 used plugs. Instead they do “store shows” by supporting their retailers when they have special gatherings. But JSS Surf Day changed this a little as it grew fast and attracted both, guys specializing in surf fishing products and regional manufacturers reps. This is yet again testament to great organization on the part of JSS. And part of why we spent so much time in NJ this winter and every winter

Connecticut Surfcaster’s Association is starting to make similar inroads with their show and I am glad to see that. NY?

Ehhhh..not doing so well. We had a show in Farmingdale few years ago which was awesome and had a lot of potential, but I don’t think that venue is available any longer. We are SJ are perfectly happy attending shows that other people put together, you have no idea what it takes to do it until you try it. But after years and years of waiting and attending dinky flea markets (which really is not our target audience)  I spent a better part of last two months turning over every college on Long Island and hotel upside down. What did I  found out? That I will never complain about The Fisherman show entry fee being $25 when it takes $10k just to rent empty room for few hours on LI. That 99% of schools  on LI will not rent their facilities to anyone other than their kids (this makes sense). That you can find a gym for a thousand people but a seminar room next door that holds 50.  And on and on and on. At one point few weeks ago I was driving home dejected after visiting Stony Brook. That was my LAST and best option but I was not happy with what I heard. Doable,? Yes. Perfect? Hardly for multitude of reasons. My phone rang on Northern State and it was a very polite lady from Hofstra apologizing for not getting back to me sooner as she was on vacation. I shot over immediately and the rest is history. God works in mysterious ways.

To make a long story short (and its already too long and I can go on for another hour) if you live in Long Island, you will get your own show next January 9th at Hofstra University Student Center.

Not only do we have use of a 300 + people theater right next to vendor area but our sponsors will make your trip to the show worth while

With your paid admission you will receive a package from Super Strike, Hogy Lures, SPRO, Savage Gear, SJ and more.

In addition, Van Staal VSX reel will be yours to win as the Grand prize. There is a lot more, but for now, here is a new website so check it out

We also have a new Facebook page up just for the Striper Day. Click on the link and like it so you get notified when we do giveaway on that page (in fact we got one going up already.We givinging away these aluminum pliers)


Appearing for the first time in NY

Big Rock Lures

Flatlander Surfcasting

Guppy Lures

Hogy Lures

MAK Surfcasting

A.O.K Tackle

Couch’s Cedar Works

Choopy Lures

MagicTail Bucktails

Line Stretcher Lures

J.Jaget Customs

DT Lures…and ton more


20 comments on “Striper Day 2016

  1. TonyF

    Perfect! I always loved Surf Day NJ but the line this year to get in was incredibly long. Thanks Zeno and SJ.

  2. Ron Mattson Sr

    All the fuss about nothing. When the question was asked last year as to why there are no large fishing shows on Long Island, Dennis Zambrotta(Around The Block) answered it beautifully on this blog. The claim was made that there was nothing to learn LOL! Thanks Zeno for starting a new way forward.


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