StormR Waterproof Cell Jacket with Automatic Closure Giveaway

Tommy is putting together May issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine and as soon as we proof read the new issue, we’ll make it live. Looks like a lot of great new content coming up plus three new Surf Fishing 101 videos

While we wait for a day or two for this to take place lets have a nice giveaway for our readers

One winner picked randomly  by the app will receive StormR Waterproof Smart Phone Cell Jacket…it automatically closes when phone is inserted. Of course you can use it for keys or other thing (bunker chunks not recommended)

In my opinion, the most simplistically brilliant cell phone protector ever invented. I have been using mine from the day they came out with great results although I should mention that I would never fish with my cellphone while using a wetsuit.Here is a video we shot about it awhile ago




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Good Luck


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      I am going to guess we are never going to get to the point were I wont have to disable the comment section because you guys will actually read the post and enter the giveaway in proper place..

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