I sincerely don’t know what to write..the scope of the destruction is beyond my comprehension. All I can tell you is that all SJ crew members came trought ok, some better than others but none with catastrophic loses that we see on TV. Right now, in damp, cold and in many cases flooded houses the fishing is the last thing on minds of many. Where to get a gas for a generator, when is the power coming back on, when can many of us return to work. Unfortunately, the bills do not stop coming in the mail for anyone.

Our sincerest condolences go to any of our readers that suffered a loss during this time and our thoughts and prayers are with all our readers, especially the ones that have suffered damages that are almost hard to imagine. I am hesitant to even mention fishing but we will get through this. We got trough 9/11, we got trough hurricane Irene, we got trough a lot of stuff…together.

Yes, fishing in grand scheme of things seems like an unimportant hobby right now, when we are struggling to rebuild our families, to help our neighbors, to rebuild our communities. But fishing is what keeps many of us sane in this crazy world. And I know that I am looking forward to walking the beach again and tossing my offering into the surf.

See you at the beach

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17 comments on “Storm

  1. Greg Tucceri

    Glad to here everyone is all right. So true about the fishing keeping us sane in a crazy world. The only time I’m at piece with myself is when I hook that plug on and start walking to the beach.Stay strong and positive and you’ll get through it. Not to get off topic but I hope your tournament was a successful and can’t wait to here more about it. Would love to see more of the type up this way in the future.

  2. Scott

    Here in Milford Ct there was so much destruction, I can not begin to describe it. I have lived on the beach for 18 years and have never felt winds that strong. I have no power but that is just a minor inconvenience. I am lucky considering what could have happened. Many people near me lost everything. a few blocks from me is a low lying neighborhood, it is mostly gone, waves just took houses away. I hope all of you and your families are safe. Best wishes to all, hang in there.

  3. Steve M.

    Yeh…I fish LBI almost exclusively. There are a lot of folks hit hard there as there is everywhere. My hope is that all the familiar faces are OK and that there are ways non-locals like me who visit the island every chance they get can help our local friends get through this. Hard waiting for news and not doing anything to help.

  4. Janet Messineo

    We dodged the bullet here on Martha’s Vineyard but my heart goes out to all, especially Staton Island and NJ. If any of you SJ staff need a couple of days away, I have a little fisherman’s camp that sleeps 2 at your disposal.

  5. Brendan Craig

    Im a staffer at Surf City Bait and Tackle on LBI, we were lucky, as were Fishermans Headquarters, I havent heard much from the other two shops on LBI, but we thank you for the positive thoughts. We cannot even get on to access damages, but we are thankful that many of our friends and families are safe. We can replace equipment, houses, cars and stuff. What will never be taken are memories. We hope everyone stays safe and remember the bass will run again in the spring, and fall, and we will rebuild.

  6. Bob Mirynowski

    Monmouth and Ocean county shore communities suffered near total devastation. New inlet cut thru at Mantaloking is shocking. As far as fishing, it may be impossible in many areas due to the inability to access many barrier beach towns. Many bridges out and authorities only allowing emergency personnel . Even homeowners not allowed in to survey the damage! It’s going to be a long while before anyone is fishing many Jersey beach towns!

  7. Dave Whitney

    Hope all made it through OK. This was the worst shit I have ever seen. Thoughts and prayers too all.
    Forget about normal for some time. I could
    not get to outer beaches on the south shore LI but scouted out back bay spots. Devastating! Dead fish everywhere!

  8. Captn Bob

    Just received word my hometown of Ventnor is open. Not sure what I will find I know the beach is gone. My favorite spot in holgate on LBI doesn”t exist. We are her though and can talk about it and maybe soon smile about it. Our little holes are just a little larger now. time will tell. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

  9. matt vigg

    I am grateful that all of the SJ crew are OK.As I said to Z via txt my thoughts and prayers are with all the people that were negatively impacted by this catastrophic event.I know you will all get through this very unfortunate happening.God bless you all.

  10. Barry Thomas

    To anyone who stocked up on food or can Spare any items Coats,Sweatshirts, Shoes Boots gloves anything that these People Might Need. Donate it Please the States of New Jersey and New York are hurt bad! OW is the Time to Stand-up These are our neighbors, Not people from across the Country. NEXT DOOR.

    There are Many Groups and Organizations out there that will take you items

    Thank You

  11. Mike R

    Parts of Garden City look like the Apocalypse but we’re okay. Needed gas. Lines hundreds of yards long. Fights breaking out when people come into the stations from different directions and when the gas ran out. Reminded me of the film “28 Days Later.” Too many people living cheek by jowl with no way to divvy up limited food, fuel, and road space.

    Just got power back this evening. After four days freezing in the dark it was heavenly. Better than my childhood memories of Christmas; better than my adult memories of getting laid.

  12. Bob

    Zeno, great words , like you said ,i’m still keeping fishing in the back of my head. I missed last fall , had my lower leg crushed in 50 pieces. keeping positive thoughts help you stay sane. fishing will be there next year. everyone needs to come together now. Thanks, BOB , island beach area , nj

  13. nycsteve

    Wishing the best to everyone.
    Im OK from central south shore of Long Island near Sayville. Am close to the bay aned dodged tghe bullit. The tidal surge reached the middle of the driveway and stopped. Water pusheed up through the floor in the crawlspace. Just got power yesterday, Saturday, and have internet but no cable. I got off easty compared to my neighbors. What a mess.
    If Im up to it Im taking the kyak on the bay today with a pole. Just need to do something besides dealing with Sandy.
    My guess is all LI beaches are shot, I’ve literally been in the dark since Monday, no news but some pics in the papers.
    Again, best to those affected.

  14. DonR

    I too have a LBI home, not sure of the extent of damage but word is just water on the first floor, lucky.
    Funny fishing should be the last thing on my mind yet, here I am.

  15. vegas vin

    Hey Z, Just got power today around noon and its the first time ive been able to go on line and see some of pic’s of the areas I fish here in NJ and I had too cry!! So sad!


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