Stainless steel leaders in the surf

As you can see, I am still congested and look like a truck ran over me…but I couldn’t  stay still yesterday at home. I hope this cold at least lets up a little in time for the game. In the mean time, check out this new Stainless leader from Tuff Line….neat stuff


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14 comments on “Stainless steel leaders in the surf

  1. Jeremy A

    Gread idea, I really hate regular steel leaders, will def try it instead. Get well soon Z, take some Dayquil, its the official cold medicine of the NFL

  2. pistol pete

    Why do some people come on and just type: “I’M IN” when its not even a giveaway? Just the fact of having almost daily content about surfcasting is like winning a giveaway! Thanks for your efforts Z…

  3. steve j

    i was never big into steel leaders. i guess i still buy into the whole “stripers are leader shy” concept. maybe i’ll do an experiment one night this year and see if one out catches the other or if there isnt any effect. cool stuff though

  4. Stingray

    Just alittle curious, would you use this type of leader to fish for bass, because I know you normaly wouldn’t use a wire leader for stripers? If so would you use this product with plugs or to bucktail in places such as an inlet with it being so rocky?

  5. Stormy 212

    Many years ago I took a newbee out surfcasting for the first time. Late fall bluebird afternoon and claer water greeted us on the southshore sand. There was just a hint of curl on the bar. He breaks out a pair of coated steel leaders. Being of the then mono leader only cult I tried to gently pursuade my novice friend against using them involking the striped bass can see those mantra.I offered him a fresh hand tied.
    You know the end of this story “newbee” 4 to the mid teens, “teacher” zip!
    The new tuff line product looks like a winner – especially if it disappears in the water….stormy


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