Its is our pleasure to announce  Spring STRIPERTHON 2016 Catch & Release Tournament sponsored by VanStaal Reels, June 3rd to June 5th

We are psyched to have Van Staal as sponsors of not only Spring but also the Fall  Striperthon and of course , the StriperDay 2017. This also extends all the brands below too. We are truly fortunate to have as friends and sponsors some very remarkable people and great companies.

As much we and everyone else give credit to Van Staal reels for being a tough customer in the surf and for being able to take on punishing surf  fishing conditions, I still don’t think they get enough credit for something which to most surfcasters these days might be as important as the actual act of catching the fish.

You’ve seen VS Rep Craig Cantelmo in numerous videos and at shows advocating for sustainable harvest and for protection of striped bass stocks. It wasn’t a position they took up like many others after they’ve seen the other shoe drop. Do a little Google search and you will find it that Van Staal  Reels, often in cooperation with Edge Angling in Rhode Island has for many years trying to promote Catch & Release Tournaments to advocate Catch & Release and plight of declining striped bass stocks. Yes, Surfcaster’s Journal has been doing it from day one of our existence but not many major brands were willing to go down that path and actually commit to spend time and resources in promoting catch and release tournaments. Most of them probably said, let someone else do it. Well Van Stall did it.

And I just wanted to take a minute to recognize that.image001

In addition I want to recognize Super Strike Lures who have been on a forefront of striped bass conservation for years. From changing their advertising message to reflect how they are feeling ; yes catch the fish, have a good time BUT also respect that fish and respect the sport….

to not featuring dead fish in the social media campaigns, supporting catch and release programs and tournaments and of course, in case of great Don Musso, literally educating  anglers on the beach daily about importance of conservation and proper catch and release techniques.f f fc

Having said all this, no company that I am aware of it has bigger national footprint and influence when it comes to conservation and protection of species and natural habitats than Costa Del Mar. From sponsoring national tv shows and adventures that promote conservation and sportsmanship, to supporting local and regional contest like hours, Costa Del Mar is in the forefront of what a successful company can accomplish when its fabric is in the salt and fish. We are proud to be partnering with them in promoting Catch and Release  efforts and becoming good stewards of our natural resources

costa-del-mar-logo (1)Last but not least, in fact in many of your little black books they are probably first on the list,Peter and Wayne Hess from Guppy Lures. Guppy Lures has always been one of the first companies that reaches out to us regardless of what type of event are we doing and ask “how can we help”. They know that Surfcaster’s Journal is on the forefront of catch and release since its inception and although we will never ridicule someone for taking home a fish or keeping his PB we will continue along with our sponsors to advocate for responsible and sustainable harvest of not only striped bass but all species.guppy__01010.1428952779.1280.1280

Look for more details for this Tournament that stretches from Nova Scotia to California in few days

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  1. BigJim

    Big thumbs up to SJ crew and all the sponsors great job by all thanks for all you do for the sport of catch and release


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