Special Giveaway from Guppy Lure Co

We are going to have a special giveaway today for our readers while you are all hopefully enjoying reading and watching videos in the issue #29 of the Surfcaster’s Journal  Magazine.

Few weeks ago i received this am lure in the mail from makers of Guppy Lures (www.guppylure.com) and I was just left with a mouth open and a drool pouring out of it.

Today, I will give one of you a chance to win one. Guys behind Guppy Lures will be at many shows this winter I am sure. I know I often see them at Surf Day NJ, Berkeley, RISAA and River’s End and considering growing popularity of their lures they probably they added few more shows this winter.

So one winner will get this sweet Guppy Pencil Popper


I still have a ton of footage that we captured while doing interview in their shop last spring. Hopefully I can get to it soon. This is a small snippets


And yes, first 25 minute episode of SJTV is coming your way in about a week if you are a subscriber. Here is a preview


251 comments on “Special Giveaway from Guppy Lure Co

  1. Chad McKenna

    I’m in! A match made in heaven! Thanks for bringing it to the readers I would have had a hard time letting it go! That just proves your great guys!


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