Someone's loss could be your gain

Since no one guessed my second favorite picture (my favorite is page 84) I will give you a chance to guess again, and since the winner of Super Strike Killer Bee Darter never claimed the prize….you will have  chance to win it

but this time I will make your life even easier

these are the numbers that were already guessed so now you know which pages not to pick !!

140,157,143,51,84,83,140,145,78,137,187,154,75,88,82,51,141,57,82,13,163,75,78,146,185,170,183,151,167,91,54,51,154,155,91,14,82,155,80,6,7, back cover, front cover

Many of you have stated an interest in something more than just a giveaway so here is your chance to win Super Strike Darter Killer Bee..witha  little effort and a lucky guess 🙂


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