Some sick chit

I really have no other way to put it

If you are going to watch ONE video this year then this has to be up there, on top of your list

probably most insane surf fishing video i have ever seen. If these dudes make a movie out of this trailer I am buying. You got to watch the last minute of it !



and for today’s “how they get that shot?” segment, lets just say we have a looooooooong GoPro Stick..haha


18 comments on “Some sick chit

  1. terry61


  2. Joe GaNun

    What’s with the pix of the guys on the quiet beach ? Is that meant to contrast the rough and tumble guys in the video ? needing helmets, and PFD’s badly. Not to mention knee and elbo pads.

  3. Dennis Zambrotta

    Crazy stuff – and I wonder if everyone fishes “wrong handed spinners” in the southern hemisphere?

    As far as aerial shots – lots of private drones out there right now. SJ should look into it. Imagine a beach blitz with aerial footage?

  4. sioca

    Joe GaNun:

    I agree with you, Z has a good sense ‘CONTRAST’ – – – – – The – “BAZINGA” – is implied!!!!!


    I notice that too! “WHS” But the question is: Would I be cast into the ocean if I show up with Korkers? Ha,ha!!

    But more importantly, you just SAW the future (Drone Surf Fishing Live Survey) and advised correctly!!!! Somebody is going to live stream it for a nominal fee.

    Hmm!! spot burning….

  5. andy_k

    I just hope no lifeguard is called to help one or more of them out in the future and then find out that some little kid drowned whilst they were called away to help some idiots fishing from the rocks.
    Safety gear, or the complete lack of it, kinda shows that these guys really have no idea at all really. Yeah, they may look cooling sporting those so called tattoos, but how cool will they look when that bare skin gets dragged over some barnacle encrusted rocks?
    Don’t get me wrong, wearing the proper gear, this video would have been great. As it is, for me, they just look like idiots in an environment where sooner or later one or more of them wont get a second chance.

    1. Dennis Zambrotta

      Good points Andy – I’m sure if they were fishing around here they may have been referred to as googans.

  6. Brian K

    Great video clip of some very skilled surf anglers in action, thanks for bringing it to us!
    Think about how SMALL an area that we fish in compared to all the beaches of the world and imagine some of the guys like the ones in this clip fishing other beaches around the globe. Anglers along the northeast coast have a pretty good amount of very easily accessable areas to fish. Sure there are some rocks and areas that take a little bit to get to but compared to other areas around the globe we do not have anywhere near the challenges of other surf anglers. I have some cousins that fish the northern coasts of Ireland and England and have some unbelievable obstacles to just get to the rocks/areas that they fish from. One area takes over 2 hours to just climb have down (+250ft) from the rocks to get to an area to fish. CRAZY!!! but they love to fish. Check out this “beach”:
    Z if you fished some of the coastal areas of your homeland or other Western European Coastline you know some of the challenges that guys will over come to cast that rod and reel that reel even if it is ‘wrong handed spinners”.

  7. Steve

    sick trailer… those dudes are crazy! aerial SJ …. go
    tta love it, the possibilities are endless!!!

  8. derek

    I am nervous swimming around the cape nw with all the great whites around . that is nothing compared to these guys. they are truly sick. first diving into that white water then just standind in that surf getting pounded to nothing. im also in on a movie. that is extreme fishing, beats anything here in the states

  9. Richard aka Woodwker99

    That was one sick clip.. makes me glad I don’t live down under as I would have to re-think my obsession….


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