Some people can cast a mile

How important is casting distance ?

In most instances, not very important. You would be surprised just how far I can cast an night, especially on a   new moon.

Funny thing is, when I try to replicate this in the daytime it never works. My plugs seem to  carry on and on at night…Yeah right. 🙂

Seriously, there are many instances when fish are in tight. I personally feel that I catch more fish on the last half of my retrieve then the first half. This probably varies greatly depending to where you fish.

But we all had days where we were embarrassed by our buddy who is catching all the fish at the end of the cast while the rest of us just watch. Many of my friends if not all of them have been schooled by this dude. The longest and most powerful casts I’ve ever seen. Need a proof?


You see the point in this video where he slams the lure in the water during the swing? He broke 4 Yo-Zuri surface cruisers like that in one week, just by slamming then into the water on a cast. Brand new plugs, just out of package, all broke in half without fish ever touching them. His casts sail forever and he has an endurance of an elephant. I never seen anyone stand for hours in the same spot and repeatedly toss a pencil popper a mile.

11 comments on “Some people can cast a mile

  1. emgred

    Looks a lot like a modified Pendulum cast. Very nice. On the other hand, many years ago an old timer told me “your more likely to cast too far than not far enough.”

    You doing a give away if we guess who that is?

  2. Liquid

    I tend to think your covering more ground when casting far Therefore I am guilty of doing the same. No screen plays,just Hail mary’s for me.

  3. Steve Adams

    kind of a mix between a modified pendelum and an off the ground cast,but using the water instead of the ground to help load the rod.notice the very long drop length of the lure.that’s key to help load the rod.

  4. Chris

    Unfortunately, the video doesn’t really show how far of a cast is made.

    The form looks great but how far did it really go?


  5. Rich W

    If I could or would throw that hard I would be out of work for a week. My right arm is already longer than my left – it doesn’t need anymore help. Heck of a cast but it just hurts to look at. That will be playing in my head all summer and fall.


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