SJTV is live

There is an SJTV button in upper right hand side. Click on it and log in and watch the full 25 minute episode. You must be a subscriber in order to view it. Then tell us here what you think


22 comments on “SJTV is live

  1. Andy_k

    Thoroughly enjoyed that first episode, thanks Zeno and I look forward to more coming to us in the future.

    Thanks to you and everyone involved for the hard work in bringing us something to enjoy and learn a little from too.


  2. HeinekenPete

    Thanks to all for putting this together & making this a regular feature.
    When these guys share their years of fishing knowledge, I’m listening.

  3. Bill H

    Loved it Zeno and crew. Your gangs long hours of work should make you proud with the great productions you are putting out. Bill

  4. myogi

    Your gonna need to incorporate the slogan “CATCH AND RELEASE” somewhere in the Surfcasters Journal logo if you provide the fish catching info like you did in the first show. You are training us to become “STRIPER SNIPERS”. I agree with crazy Al. Lets keep em in the water. Good show, many more to come , I hope ! Yogi

  5. Richard Fuchs aka woodwker99

    This is great. The perfect complement to the magazine and the blog. Keep it up. You may have to quit your day job. Lol.

  6. Pat

    Great stuff, is there anyway to get it to broadcast on chromecast? Would have loved to watch it on big screen rather than ipad.

  7. Don R

    BW- “Don’t listen to Billy Joel before you go fishing”.
    Is that story featured in the next episode?

    Good stuff, thanks Zeno!

  8. Chris A

    It felt like yesterday you came out with blog. Now Mag, SJTV, etc. Keep it up. And Thank You. Just very entertain content every time.

  9. John M

    This is a great addition to the surf casters journal blog an magazine. Keep up the great work you do for the surf fishing community. Cant wait for more episodes to come out.

  10. Larry Feinberg

    Great Production Z…. brought my tablet to bed last night with headphones and enjoyed the whole show… looking forward to the next one. GOOD JOB!!!

  11. Joe GaNun

    The only thing wrong with SCJ- TV is that it’s not 2 hours long. I am now officially amped up to chase Sax but she’s in NC and it’s 29 F. Great job guys.


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