SJTV episode III Preview

It has been a busy week for us at SJ. I am happy to tell you that we got a TON of new video footage this week, SJTV episode III is almost wrapped up and we have stuff up our sleeves that will sure make some of you very, very happy. And yeah, we are getting ready for Striper Day on January 9th at Hofstra University.

Here is a preview of SJTV Episode III…note that the ending was shot last night and might not make have to be left on the cutting room floor this issue but will be in future segments..haha

And yeah, SJ Art Director Yo Dude Corrigan is one of the funniest human beings on this planet

6 comments on “SJTV episode III Preview

  1. jimmy z

    Lou ties his clip on with a loop knot too! My man!!!!
    Looks like a winner Z! Got the author of the thread right this time!


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