Cortisone shot..ha take that you darn elbow! Ok, that was not fun but I am hoping for some pain relief. It’s been a little over five months now. I was hopeful after months of therapy that I would be able to cast a long rod again but after trying few casts last week with Alberto I relegated myself to being a dude with  a camera watching him and his buddies catch monster redfish and snook.

Today’s blog will be a little dry because I need to get few things out there.

There are a lot and I mean a LOT of fellows that email me and ask me how do they get “in” to read the full current edition, see all videos and all 16 old editions.

Easy if you remember one thing. You always have to be logged in to read the new issue or access old issues.

If you are having problems, try this. Click on big MAGAZINE button in right hand top. After that click on LOG IN . Now enter your username and password. If you forgot or ever forget your password just enter your email you registered with into “lost password box” and new password will immediately be emailed to you.

Once you are in , you can also go to My Account. There you can change your password to whatever you wish to be. You can also edit some personal info. Remember, we don’t have your credit card info and have no access to it. That is handled by the biggest web processing co, We only get a notification of your subscription, we don’t have any cc info. And no, we will never share your email, address or any info with anyone.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, something relevant. Some on this blog are still not aware that SJ Magazine is now a subscription publication at $20 a year for 6 issues. The subscription also gives you access to the current and 16 old issues. If you are not a current subscriber, you have a LOT of reading to catch up on. If you wish to subscribe, just click here and follow instructions.

I went through the headache of deleting many entries in the last Super Strike giveaway, manly to be fair to those who are subscribers to the SJ Magazine. It seems like some do not understand there are difference between SJ Blog and SJ Magazine. The magazine is for subscribers only and the blog is free to all. However, although you can read the blog without being a subscriber, you cannot enter the giveaways. Just wanted to make that clear.

Now here is a video still shot of the size of the snook I’ve seen that night shot trough IR night vision lens. That is a big snook in my book, its tail is still on the ground.  I  think he got yelled for catching fish that was “too big”.

Why too big? Because Florida has a slot limit. You really can’t take any big fish home, redfish, snook or whatever. It’s what happens when the state makes sure that resource is healthy first and then takes into account recreational and commercial sectors. Something of course you could not pull of here in Northeast were we are surrounded by morons, masquerading as recreational anglers and supposedly representing “us”.


11 comments on “SJ

  1. crscott2

    Could you tell us more about your IR setup. I have been trying to research an IR camera that I can carry in the surf with me. Did you do the gopro conversion?


  2. Zeno Post author

    I do have converted go pro..not worth it..remember, you still need a led light to get anything, gopro on its own with ir lens is useless ..and even with light you get about 10 feet and most ir lights are not waterproofed you need two hands, one to hold the go pro one to point the light
    I use a non waterproof ir camera..obviously I don’t go in the water with it…but when I shot I rarely fish at same time

  3. Chris A

    I fish folrida every year and can say they have their act together when it comes to fishing. Every new construction road involves the fisherman first as for parking and peirs around bridges. They also have state beachs open between private homes. Image a few small access point in the nirth shore evry few miles. Became friends with locals and bait shop said it was not easy hut they get more people to make a petition then the mayor get votes. Time for us to stand up. We can even go why there regulation on fish our harsh but fair. It brings in more money. Ectect. Man am I pissed.

  4. Bob D


    Who do you refer to when speaking about morons pretending to be Recreational Anglers who represent us? I make take offense to that.
    Not sure yet though.
    Bob Danielson

  5. Rav

    ZENO… about your ELBO ….i know how you feel

    zi had a house fire few years ago and i was carrying a banana box full of
    important stuff down the carpeted (now wet) stairs with the totally wrong kind of
    shoes on….my feet slipped out from under me and i went BUMP BUMP BUMP
    BAMMMMM at the very last step fracturing my ELBO…
    it went TWANG super funny bone PAIN happened
    felt fine but i went and got an Xray just to see.. they said just a hairline fracture

    well , within a month i lost total use of it and wore a sling as i had a dead ARM

    So i began rubbing DR Fred Summit ‘s penetrating heat rub on it daily
    and i reversed the problem away….. i am never without it -> costs ONE dollar

    i ALSO highly recommend EMU OIL which is a roll on and it’s a “2000” year old recipe
    invented by the Aborigines in Australia … comes from the bones of the EMU BIRD
    the stuff is AWESOME and man does it WORK !
    goes deep deep inside much like DMSO which used for/on million dollar RACE horses.

  6. Frank

    The next frontier after joint pain is the enlarged prostate. That’s is a dozzy waiting for all of us men who are lucky to live long enough.

  7. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I hope I was not removed from the subscriber list on the super strike contest, I think we got that straightened out through e-mails.
    As for the morons, they know who they are.
    And you have to love that slot limit on Snook. a few years ago I had the experience of catching my first snook, it was over limit size as was the next three I caught. First time I ever had a ABU 5500c smoke it’s drag.

  8. cowharbortackle

    Florida is a state that manages their fisheries very well. The state officials recognize the financial impact fishing has for the state and so they are very conservative.

    Joint pain is a bitch, cortisone works well for awhile. Feel better Z, you might need a surrogate caster for next season, LOL I’m sure there would be a line of volunteers. 🙂

  9. Ted C

    always interested in the fishing regulations discussion– Personally I’d like to see more of it, if that is something that is interesting to other readers, not sure… I think most anglers want to get more involved but there isn’t much central focus and instruction where to go to get more educated/involved on the subject. Appreciate the effort you often take to speak up on this matter, Zeno.


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