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I know , I know , it’s been long time coming. We been doing this magazine almost two years and yes, we appreciate your desire to wear SJ gear because you love the magazine and support us. And we appreciate it. And, yes, you have asked it many times. And ,yes, I sucks at this…

So let me make this short on words and long on pictures.

For the first time  Surfcaster’s Journal is offering Limited Edition Hoodies, Knit Caps and T-shirts with SJ logos. These are pre-order items, just like we did with those vintage shirts in the fall. We will take orders till early next week, then we will take the order page down and order and make your stuff. Figure two weeks for shipping  to you. All prices include shipping, and hooodie orders get a free $15 Old School SJ knit Cap. You can click on any pictures and it will take you right to the order page.


SJ Old Knit Hats

Made in USA to Military specs.

Super warm 100% acrylic wintuk.

with old school sewn on felt patch. $15 includes shipping




SJ Night Shift Crew t-shirts

100% cotton black t-shirt

s-xxl $20 shipping included

xxxl $22

xxxxl $25 if you need 5 xl send us an email




SJ Lighthouse hoodies…Every sweatshirt order comes with Free SJ Old School Knit hat.

Included, No Charge, FREE….capish?

100% super heavyweight 12oz cotton.

$50 from s to 2 xl, 55 3xl, 60 4xl

Available in sizes S though 4xl…if you need 5 xl send us an email. Free SJ old school knit watch cap with purchase.


any question, feel free to reach out at

I know a lot of you have asked this before so I will throw this out before I get bombarded again. The PayPal process the payment, you don’t need to have a PayPal account to complete the order. You can use your CC…If you want to mail a check you must drop us a line

28 comments on “SJ Hoodies, SJ Night Shift Crew Shirts and Knit the online store

  1. Moses

    Great job guys! Tommy the design came out great on the sweater and shirt. I gotta get that t shirt. Love skulls. Burning the candle at both ends is priceless. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work. Tight lines Moses

  2. Zeno Post author

    we could probably accommodate international orders via direct paypal for shirts and knit hats…I think priority mail flat international rate is around $15
    I think the cost of sweatshirts shipping would be prohibitive

  3. Mike Ferdinands

    Hiya Z,
    Put me down for a watch cap please – shall I pay the postage to the UK via a donation as I did with the t-shirt?
    Cheers, Mike F

  4. mark d

    To George Economoupolus. What I do to make international orders is the following: In the address section I put an American address because the way its formatted you pretty much have to. I don´t think it matters what address I use my mothers,but for country put in the correct country in which the card was issued. This works for payment…Shipping dont know I have only used it for Kindle books and a donation.

  5. Zeno Post author

    Matt..I am pretty sure the answer is no..thos wont be ready in time but i’ll let tommy answer it since its his baby

  6. tommy

    We should have some hats and shirts for the jersey shows. As far as color substitutions- thats
    not going to happen. If by some miracle we sell a bunch MAYBE we will do another run with different colors. But for now WYSIWYG.

  7. CTMatt

    Its all good…I posted on FB and he mentioned everyting except sweatshirts…but that didn’t necesarily mean the newest gear.

    Figured SJ could save on shipping and use the cash towards SJ related development stuff instead

  8. Croaker

    I usually wear XL size in Sweats. Do the SJ Hoodies run true to size? I’m 6′, 230 #, Big head N neck. Do you think an XL would have enough room? Thanks!

  9. Tommy

    If you usually wear an xl in sweats…then get the xl.
    I was 210 5’9″ (pre diet) and the xl I made and wore as the sample had plenty of room.(even after dozens of washings) But Then again, that’s Me. I have gotten a lot of size info requests
    and if there is anything I have learned from late night infomercials it’s that we all come in different shapes.
    I like my hoodies baggy. If you like them baggy get the 2xl.
    -Tommy SJ

  10. David Strom

    I hope you’ll bring some of these to JSS Surf Day, save you the packing & shipping work.

    I’d like to get one of each, XL shirt & Hoodie.

    Hope to see you at Surf Day.

  11. Zeno Post author

    Sorry David but that wont happen as they will not be made by the weekekend
    We are taking the order page down tomorrow and pooling all orders together and ordering all the stuff…..the time to order is closing

  12. Wolf107

    Are you going to have long sleave tshirts they are great when you come out of the water on a cool summer or fall night.


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