We’ll the time is finally here, the first big Surf show on tap this weekend in New Jersey. The Surf Day is a fairly new show but the guys behind it do  a hell of a job organizing it that most attendees and vendors can’t wait to get back to it. It is located in Lincroft, NJ in a high school and it’s not a terribly huge show when it comes to exhibitor space but they make up with kick ass seminars. Check out the website to get all the info here

I  am sure they will be looking for a bigger venue soon as they are growing fast

I still do not know why you could not post comments on John Skinner post the other day. Our web designer is an Australia of all places chasing kangaroos I guess. Sometimes getting answers takes a little time and I am clueless with this new design and controls.

After the Surf Day this weekend we really get cranking with shows for surfcasters from Berkley Fishing Club Flea Market, Asbury Flea Market, RISAA and River’s End Surf Day in CT.

I been chauffeuring my son to colleges this weekend I did not get a chance to post some stuff here that I wanted to. Boston is a darn nice college town. Tomorrow a blog post by  a guy you all respect, RI Dennis Zombratta.

Today’s post is just some info abbot SJ

Yes, we will be working on new issue soon. It will feature NE legend Charlie Soares, late Frank Pintauro’s works are back i the magazine, in particular his interview with late Stan Gibbs. There will be lots of new videos I this issue including a 30 minute interview with a local sharpie, all exclusive to subscribers. And other surprises are on tap

Two, we recently restocked the store with Night Crew shirts and we ordered few Night Crew Zip hoodies. There are only one of each size left in the store. When hey are gone they are gone.


Tommy also made a special shirt just for the shows. Right now, the shirt will be available at shows we mentioned before. More details coming up


Video of Surf Day


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  1. Larry F

    Surf Day is definitely a Great Show strictly dedicated to Surf Fishing….. Seminars all day…. all quality Surf Fishing Vendors…. the show has already grown from it’s original venue and is now at Brookdale College in Lincroft. Big college parking lot, cafeteria open for lunch and get to meet lot’s of nice guys with the same passion for fishing.


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