Servicing your Van Staal reel

Did you ever wondered as what kind of process your Van Staal reel undergoes when you send it in for annual maintenance? I’ve read many opinions from keyboard experts over the years and you know what they says about opinions…

So in search of  an answer I went to the Authorized Van Staal service center at White Water Outfitters in Hampton Bays, NY and spoke to their VS technician Bert about the process

Then it hit me, hey, this would be nice to put on a video so that all VS users can see what happens to their reel after they send it in for service



5 comments on “Servicing your Van Staal reel

  1. Delawaresurfman

    Nice video, great to see what gets looked over. I’m not a fan of the wrech being used as a hammer on a $800 plus reel. While I don’t know if the wrench is aluminum I would much rather see a brass hammer used on my reel. Almost can’t believe they put that on video. Thanks Zeno for a great blog and magazine, looking forward to the next issue, John.

  2. Delawaresurfman

    Thank Z. That certainly makes more sense. It looked like a couple of hard raps were needed. It didn’t look like the most accurate tool either. Maybe a plastic hammer would have beed a better choice. Anyhow thanks, John


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