Sebastian Inlet Part Fishing III

One quick note before I continue on Sebastian Inlet 


Thanks to all who stopped by Connecticut Surfcasters Show yesterday. We had fun hanging out in a very relaxed setting. Two people who have renewed subscriptions to SJ either gave us wrong email address or we took it down wrong. If your email is either or please contact me at


if any of you know anyone whose email sounds familiar to these (we might have written down this wrong) please contact me or them. I’d appreciate it.

This Sunday we will be at Route 110 flea Market in Huntington NY. After that we get few weeks break before Surf Day NJ and then all crap breaks loose as we will get more frequent driving miles than a UPS trucker for few weeks.

The winner of the most awesome Guppy Custom Lure Pencil Popper giveaway is John Clerkin Jclerkin@aol.comcvfcv

Congrats, you have 5 days to contact us at

As I mentioned before, I got to meet Patrik Sebile from Sebile lures, have dinner with him few times and fish with him. It was my first time meeting this lure designing legend and all I got to say is “wow”. The man is  one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and he is obsessed with fishing more than any man I ever meet. He speaks broken Frenglish while I practice Cringlish so we got along splendidly.

The amount of knowledge this man posses about lure design and baitfish movements and reactionary strikes is astounding. We got chased by lightning one night, we fished in a  nasty rainstorms and finally we fished another night along the rocks at Sebastian Pier

Here he showed his prowess by hammering few giant snook while we watched. Unfortunately his back is not that well so he limited himself to short windows of casting but not before landing this very nice snook.kjuy

The last night we decided to try fishing “our” way by getting down on the rocks along the pier and tossing Rapala X Raps, big Sebile swimmers and Bombers too. Here we found some consistent fishing with Ron’s son landing a bull red after dark one night and bunch of very nice snook that fell for swimming plugs.'[kljg

There is a catwalk on under the bridge on both sides and of course, we found New Yorkers there, Gary The Toad in particular was there with a long net and a spotlight hooked up to generator netting big shrimp as they were carried by a wicked current.


I cant possibly tell you all the fishing opportunities that are available around this places from backside of the inlet which we never tried to pompano out front and tarpon, sheepshead and grouper and God knows what else.

For me the highlight of the tip was not fishing but going to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. If that place does not make you feel proud to be an American , I have no idea what will.


And yeah, my son only had one request on this trip, that I take him to Chick Fill A for the first time because as he said he “wanted to show his support” for the way they operate. Believe it or not, first time we found one was on a Sunday and they do not open on Sunday instead giving their employed a day off. Can you imagine that up here? It would never happen. The food was quite good for a fast food chain and of course I made him flag down a mascot to snap a shot.


The food was quite good for a fast food chain and of course I made him flag down a mascot to snap a shot.


If you are looking to do something else, Orlando Magic are only about an hour or so away and tickets are not that expensive, probably because they suck but we had a great time.


by the way, shrimp and grits are awesome


The funny thing is as I look back on this trip and realize that I made the same mistake that I often make on all trips to unknown. Yes, just like when you arrive in Montauk for the first time and everyone tells you that you MUST have a bucktail or a darter, sooner or later you realize that whatever you were using back home successfully, works just fine. same thing here. Pork rinds, swimming plugs, all the stuff you use at home including darters and bottle plugs are not taboo IF used in proper conditions within the structure. Unfortunately by the time you (or I should say I) come to this conclusion , the JetBlue flight was waiting.

There is always next time


9 comments on “Sebastian Inlet Part Fishing III

  1. BigJIm

    Sounds like you had a great vaca hope to do the same soon congrats to the Guppy winner those are great plugs can’t wait to visit you guys at RISSA and renew Thanks SJ

  2. Rob S

    Great, if I can’t catch here, then I won’t be catching there… that’s what your saying?? 🙂

    GREAT reports… looks like an awesome time, guess you made it back in time for a nice little snow storm!

  3. sand buggy ( chuck)

    sounds great going down their February 16 2 weeks. hope the toad n florida jimmy save me some shrimp.

  4. Hobbob

    Looks like an awesome trip! Not exactly sure where you’re out of but Chick-Fil-A is at least as far north as Paramus and Perth Amboy. They certainly do have the best quality fast-food around. Though I’m not too crazy about their politics I think a lot of business’ could learn to take a day off. Obviously it hasn’t hurt their success and it would give their employees more time to go fishing!


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