Savage Gear Striper Bass long sleeve shirt giveaway

We are interrupting your regular scheduled programing to bring you a …….Giveaway, what else?

I know you wont mind, we’ll get back to Costa Rica Diaries afterwards but today a giveaway from our friends from Savage Gear USA. I would like to thank them for not only providing this giveaway but for sponsoring the StriperDay 2016. Many of you have received their lures in your attendee  door package. We were trilled to be able to give you stuff that you can actually use in your pursuit of striper bass, instead of stuffing your bag with stuff some manufacturer was trying to get rid off from their inventory. Same goes to Super Strike Lures, Spro, Hogy and Tactical Anglers products. Thanks to all of them.

Today giveaway is a Savage Gear USA long shirt with a Striped bass logo

Two winners picked at random, each will receive a long sleeve Striped Bass Shirt from Savage Gear

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