Roof rack rod clips with Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine Rod Guru, Lou Caruso

I hope you guys enjoyed that story by our Rod Guru Lou Caruso ( is his email in case you want to pick his brain about a new rod). And yeah, we know you enjoyed his latest video on how to make the new inserts for your bag. And guess what, we have yet another video that he is a featured star.

Maybe we should rename this place Lou’s Blog and call it a day ?

Many of us use Rod Vault roof racks (formerly Hunter).They are well made products and will keep your fancy reel as safe as just about anything on the market currently. Other then a armed guard sitting by your truck. The weakest part (for a lack of better word) is the front clips that hold the rods. The shrink rubber tends to look warn out after awhile, the spring in the clips start to loosen up. And I’ve heard many of you when complaining about your finish on the Barbie rods getting scratched slightly by rods bouncing in the rod holders.

Rod Vault recently upgraded its clips and replaced them with rubber ones. And our resident genius Lou Caruso found them on Amazon and will show you how to quickly replace your front clips with rubber, one for better grip and a lot less friction. Of course, you can get these clips and use them with any type of rod roof rack you got.

Thanks Lou

btw, last time I spoke to Lou he was sitting in the basement at 3 am with a head in his hands trying to figure out if he will be able to fish at all this year if orders for custom rods keep rolling in at this pace. We suggest you talk to him sooner rather than later if you will be needing his services..haha. Get some sleep Lou


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10 comments on “Roof rack rod clips with Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine Rod Guru, Lou Caruso

  1. chuckR

    Nice Video.. How are these for the inside rods they seem like they might be cumbersome trying to curl and then lock while reaching over the top of the roof? I found these the smaller locking ones at . The smaller ones seem that they will hug the rod tip tighter and they just clip closed . Has anyone ever tried these?

  2. surfcaster1

    I just saw Lou Caruso’s video on replacing and upgrading the front clips on a Rod Vault for the first time today. I think it is a great fix to replace the old style spring clips that came with the original run of Rod Vaults. I found the Mini Quick Fist rubber clamps on-line and ordered them. Thanks, Lou. Much appreciated.


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