Roger Martin on a Casting Eggs

it is time to announce some of our winners

First,  The Big Fish Prey Swimmer, courtesy of our friend Larry from Big Fish Bait Co goes to Russ Murr , RUSSMURR@OPTONLINE.NET

Congrats Russ

he guessed first that Roger Martin’s favorite photograph in this issue of the magazine is on the page 95.

Russ, you have 5 days to furnish your shipping address at

Guys, we only have one rule in giveaways, we don’t contact you, you have to read it and contact us. If we don’t hear from you within 5 days, we get to keep the loot…and give it away some other time

The Winner of Lure Tube and a Lure Tube hat from our friend Evan at Lure Tubes hat is ….Ron H

Congrats Ron

Since we already made this whole thing about our esteemed editor Roger Martin, let’s make this whole blog about him 🙂

And now for today’s video…some of you know about this but I know many of you don’t. And even few of you practice it. But it has its moments. I personally have been spanked at Cuttyhunk by an old sharpie with a casting egg and a 1/4 ounce bucktail. And no one tells it like Roger….


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18 comments on “Roger Martin on a Casting Eggs

  1. CTMatt

    Funny you mention Roger and eggs…I remember a bunch of issues back an “easter egg” was Rogers head floating around in some food picture if I remember correctly. lol

  2. Mohee

    Great video. Very timely because I was in the process of trying to purchase the wooden eggs from a craft store just for this. I also see some people put a nail in the egg to hang the jig off of for casting distance. Thanks again.

  3. Mohee

    I’ve also heard of people taking the rear hook off a long casting popper and attaching 2 feet of leader material off the back to a 1/4 oz bucktail. That would be very similar to the casting egg I imagine.

  4. Allen W

    As usual a great video to further show the many inventive ideas that have come before ‘us’. Keep them coming guys!

  5. CTMatt

    Do eggs typically float or slow sink? Anyone have a link to the loops/setups/etc? When small bait are biting and you need to get reasonably far out these look like the tickets…I like the idea of giving my smaller offerings new life in the surf (and distance) with an egg. Never considered these types…just the lead ones.

  6. woodwker99

    I have caught one of my largest fluke live lining a snapper bellow a casting egg. I made mine from a wooden egg from a hobbies shop, drilled a hole through it, and put some stainless wire in it. love them.

  7. PA Matt

    Shucks my “new” idea is out. I picked up some of these eggs this winter and am ready to break them out on Marta’s Vineyard in June. There are many times at night when I hear fish slurping in the distance and just can’t reach them with a small offering that they’re feeding on. I think its is the ticket!

    Thanks for the vid.

  8. Rich m

    cool to see video i bought 1oz- and 2oz over winter at and rigged with redgills and small bucks i made im glad to see roger useing that way i guess i do have a clue!lol also found small hoggy to put out also.

  9. Zeno Post author

    The first time you post you need to be manually approved ..after that you post automatically prevents spammers from flooding the boards

  10. richtrox

    Thank you Roger and Z. Has great potential for many of the places I fish. I’m off to saltybuggers to place an order ;-).


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