Rod Geeks 11′ rod model SRF110C3 review by Lou Caruso

Lets dream a little…

In your dreams, what kind of fishing equipment that currently does notexibt are you envisioning?

A reel that holds 6000 yards of line? The one that can pull a 50 pound striped bass with one crank out of water? Maybe a Boga grip with half of current weight so that banging on your hip does not leave a mark like your girlfriend beat you? A lure with a camera in its butt would be high on my list…and rod with two top sections and one butt section would be another

You know so you don’t have to buy/store or take two rods on a trip. One butt , two top sections, one slower, one faster and you basically hit the holly grail of rod building, the “one” rod that can do it all..and at good price!

Lets be honest, there will never be one single rod for every application even if it comes with a dozen tip sections

But this new rod from Rod Geeks is coming close

Take a look at this video with Lou Caruso and see for yourself

7 comments on “Rod Geeks 11′ rod model SRF110C3 review by Lou Caruso

  1. l

    heya hate to get nitpicky but i noticed that the audio for this vid is in mono. I would check the sequence settings and make sure the project file your editing the video in is set to stereo. check it by listening to audio with headphones instead of speakers so you can here from both L and R channels. otherwise this is great content. im tempted in buying this rod if i dont opt to have one built

  2. James Gautreaux

    I’m in the Houston Texas area, where could I purchase the 11′- 12′ two tips rod as shown in the latest YouTube video, thanks Fishinguy.


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