Rock and Roll

Think happy thoughts…happy thoughts

haha..yeah, I think we need some good thoughts for a change. So here is last week trip to Montauk during those wicked NE winds I promised you last week before I got sidetracked by important stuff

I got nothing to be proud of this year. In fact, I am kind of embarrassed. This is the first September since I have started fishing 20 years ago were I have not caught a single bass. Not one. Big fat zero for September. In fact, the bluefish ignored me too for the most part. Between Jones Beach and Montauk, this had to be the worst fall I ever had. I told a buddy few days ago if this Northeast Blow last week does not get things moving I might have to pack it in and take up golf. Ok, I can never really do that, but the fact I am thinking about should make you think just what kind of state of mind I am at.

Finally , in early October I had few bass on sandy beaches in Montauk. Rocks were still more or less dead. I don’t think anyone remembers Montauk being this dead in a long, long time. Then the winds came last week…

I got a call that Wednesday that the beaches lit up from Montauk point to Shineckock. Not so much on the north side , south side was a better bet. And deeper you went, better you did.

Thursday was another awesome day. Where was I? Working, of course. Finally I had to call in dead on a Friday and I was on my way. Of course the Friday was not as good as day before but that was only because I followed the crowds into Camp Hero. I told myself I should have known better but I didn’t. And I paid the price with only few fish.


I did get some shots of guys fishing the light and I have to say, I give them a world of credit for standing in that wash machine


Later in the day around noon I walked into Caswells alone, just the way I like it. I walked and cast, and walked and cast, doing my best Vito Orlando impersonation. I found two teen fish, a rat and a twenty plus which made my day.

P1010007I had to get home that night for work on Saturday and being that it was Columbus day weekend, I really did not think I would be coming back.  Latter I found out that some of my friends had up to fifty fish each and up to 30 pounds on Friday. This is why I said I was in the wrong place. But I took some pictures, did some videos, you know, the way I usually do. I rerely ever fish Montauk in the daytime anymore since I got the camera bug. You just can’t do both. When you are on the rock and bailing fish you say shit, I wish I was on shore with camera because others are bailing fish too and that makes for good footage. No, I rarely ever bail fish while others are watching, I am simply not that good. And I don’t expect you to understand camera thing. Just be glad I do because it makes the winter easier to take watching videos and pictures. And yes, the reason I do go where crowds are, and not where I want to fish, is because that is where the best picture taking opportunities are. Like I said, I don’t expect you to understand but I am just trying to explain why where I am fishing sometimes have very little to do with where the best fishing is.

Keep that in mind when you think you’ll follow me around..haha

So Saturday morning I am at work. Looking at winds outside and saying to myself, not strong enough to get me excited. Looking at the current Montauk wind at 12 mph does nothing for me. Then I check NOAA.


NE 20 TO 25 GUSTING TO 35 for Saturday afternoon and Sunday ???

Shit, I feel another “call in dead day” coming, but instead of the boss I have to call in a favor with Da Wife. This is going to be expensive, I say to myself. Like Louie Vitton bag expensive !

I can’t explain to you what these kind of winds do to a man. The water is absolutely wild. The waves are huge. The sweep is insane. The wind takes your plug and tosses it back into your face. As if Mother Nature is daring you to step into the water and then she hits you with a swell that makes you run back like a little girl. Yeah, your medical insurance should be current when you fish this stuff. Yet you feel so alive every time the wave smacks you around. You step back in and fire up another cast like a boxer that gets knocked down , gets up and yells “Bring it on bitch, is that all you got?”

That scene from the movie Forest Gump when lieutenant Dan is sitting on mast during that storm comes to mind as a good metaphor.

So there I am on Saturday afternoon on LIRR hatching my evil plan.

Ok it wasn’t really like that. And it turns out my wife just said be careful and have fun when I left at night. Helps to be married to a saint

I just knew driving and listening to Pink Floyd this was going to be a good day..just did not expected to be this good.

to be continued…


3 comments on “Rock and Roll

  1. Eyedoc

    Yet you feel so alive every time the wave smacks you around. You step back in and fire up another cast like a boxer that gets knocked down , gets up and yells “Bring it on bitch, is that all you got?”
    We have this sickness that no one other than a striper fisherman can understand! It’s inside; it can’t be taught, it’s like a disease that festers… Bring on the wind, the waves and white water! There a cow waiting on the other side of the wave!!

  2. Joe GaNun

    I had already sent my reps a note. I was not shy about it.
    You have inspired me to get off my butt and do something…I will probably just sign up for Stripers Forever and see where that takes me.
    In the meantime I continue to not kill any fish, any at all, including sea robins, skates, rays and stargazers because they deserve to swim free. I have killed maybe 3 fish in the past three years all going to the table and I will reduce that to a zero because I’m in it for the fun, thrill, comradeship and not the meal time side.


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