Preview of the issue #22 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

I hope that you have recovered from all that candy last night. This is going to be more of a video blog than a regular post, just a quick note on the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine due to arrive in about a week or so.

I also have some thoughts on sand eel bite and why so many are having hard time (including yours truly) catching fish. If I have time this weekend maybe I can sit down and write it. The short version is don’t do all the things that you usually do, wait for the fish. They are not coming..

Anyway, issue # 22 (where did the time go?) is almost here
Articles from
A focused approach – John Hanecak
Avoid the Stank – Dave Anderson
The last option – Frank Daignault (yup, THAT Frank D!)
Montauk Top 5 – Bill Jakob

Frank Pintauro Kuzia & The Canal

Your favorite columnist are all ready to go

John “I can catch fish in the roadside puddle” Skinner

Russ Big Rock Paoline

John Papciak

Lou Rod Guru Caruso

DJ Muller

Al Albano

Roger ” I am still cool” Martin

New 13 minute episode of Montauk Time & Tide documentary exclusively for our subscribers along with some how-to videos with our Rod Guru Lou and new rods for 2013 video compilation from The recent Fisherman Show

and yeah, some kick ass reviews of Tsunami new plugging rod, St Croix chunking stick, daiwa new sinking sp minnow, afterhours stubby and more.

Yeah, its going to be BIG

If you have not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? Not only you get the current and a year’s worth of new issues but you get immediate access to all twenty one issues we have done from the day one.

Giddy up !

And yes, here is the video review of the upcoming issue


3 comments on “Preview of the issue #22 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

  1. Paul Mooomjian

    Spotted myself in this video a few under the light and at the end of the sewer pipe. Awsome video can’t wait to see it all done!


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