Preview of Lure Color Video

man, I almost forgot about just how convoluted subject Fishing Lure Color is until i sat down to edit this video on the subject

(The video is about 20 minutes long and it should be up on our YouTube channel in few days)

I shot these videos in the winter and now I get a kick out of listing to myself talking about nonsense, and all the things I didn’t say that i should have, things I forgot to say  and all the things so many will disagree.

Bellow you’ll get a short snippet of what the video is about but I think you will quickly realize what has always been my strongest belief, confidence in lure and knowledge of what it does will always trump lure colors…until the day it does not and then you will call me ahole


Don’t laughs, its true

Stay tuned for full 20 minute video this week

One comment on “Preview of Lure Color Video

  1. TedC

    haha… I know exactly what you mean… of all the things about lure selection, color matters the least. But sometimes, the fish ARE that picky.


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