Point Jude winner and stormy seas

The Point Jude tins winner is “redlight” aka Mike Veracka
If you would be so kind so email us your address to info@surfcastersjournal.com and we will get this out to you. Congrats and thanks Point Jude
As you can tell, we haven’t been around for few days. May be a good time to get you guys unwound from daily posts before I crash and burn.
We did manage to sneak to MTK to fish in the muddy waters. Oh , what a joy. I am still not sure what was more fun, ten foot swells, waters that looked like a chocolate milk, regulars who are as nasty in person as you have heard, overpriced food or luxurious accommodations at the Chevrolet-In in the lower lot. Might be that I am just getting old and cranky.
There were few fish around if you were in the right place, for the most part, fish did not want any part of the dirty water and stayed just outside casting range all day, driving everyone nuts.

9 comments on “Point Jude winner and stormy seas

  1. woodwker99

    well that explains the missing blogs. too bad that the weather wasn’t your friend. there were fish along the smiths point beach, although nothing to brag about.

  2. Charlie G.

    What a weekend it was for this old man to make his first trip to M and fish that historic place. And no I didn’t hook up, but loved it up there. I wish we would have bumped into each other Z.

  3. mark m

    The weekend was pretty cold & wet. I heard Montauk’s lower parking lot was jammed up, lots of guys and little fish (I stayed behind to watch my shop). But thats fishing, up here on the Northshore the fishing was slow due to the storm, but fish are moving in the 20- 30lb range off some beaches.


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