plugs with character

Last year , somewhere around this time I gave my mojo Lordship A40 to a customer I was guiding. He preceded to snap it off on a first cast. I still cringe when I remember watching that plug sail into the drink. I do have a picture of it, small consolation but nonetheless, a memento.

I miss that plug…


I didn’t spend much time crying over it though. I took another one out of the package and found that mojo must have rubbed on this one too because it caught even better this year. And still is one of the first plugs out of my nag at night when conditions are right.





here is a new mojo plug…. 


I love plugs with “character”, chewed up, scraped, with gashes in the wood, eyes missing, wires bent and swivels busted.

You got a picture of a plug with  character?

Send it to me at

 I don’t care if its laying on your work bench, in fishes mouth or with hooks embedded in your buttocks. If enough of you send pictures of your wounded soldiers, maybe we can do a spread in the future issue of the magazine, give them their due for all the hard work.

How cool would that be….

feel free to get creative with pictures…hang it off the tree or lay it on the rock, sand, bag

7 comments on “plugs with character

  1. CTmatt

    Can I have your new plug? Can I toss it in a Nor Easter with the wind in my face on an under rated rod? LOL

    When I am worried about tossing a specific light or special plug I protect it in my bag like a mother hen…lol

    But in the end…it is just a plug. No offense you masterful plug makers…but they are expendable…and I can’t hate on the blues for wanting my valuable mojo plugs…

    Pic is coming!


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