Plugs, plugs and more plugs

Show season is over for us for the most part other than River’s End and Patchogue Flea Market , we are done. It was awesome seeing so many of you, and again, thank you for your kind words about what we do. We all strive to make SJ better each year.

Speaking of SJ, Tommy who has been burning the candle on three ends, at home, doing shows and designing SJ told me new issue will be done towards the end of the week. Something I am sure many of you are looking forward to it

For those who were wondering why i looked half-dead at Asbury show yesterday, limping terribly….I had a misfortune of picking a fight with a couch and the couch leg won. Right now my foot is a size of grapefruit, no way to fit it into construction boot.

And the weather..50 degrees…Holy crap I forgot how sunshine feels with a minus zero windchill. i better get my fishing stuff in order asap..its what my brain is telling me. Some months we has a very good fishery in North Shore back bays on mud flats in March but I don’t think this is going to be that kind of a year.

I had a pleasure of having a table next to Cyclone yesterday who sold out in 23 minutes after the show opened. Which is late for him….haha

Here is my daughter with insanely big Cyclone swimmer20150308_081903

On the other side of our table was a new face at Asbury, Tank Surfcasting who is making some nice stuffbbb

Its always nice to see guys from DT Lures. Looking forward to giving this 3.5 oz pencil popper a shot this spring now that my elbow has stopped barking


I got to see  Dante’s Soriente Bucktails which he makes under MagicTail brand on FB. Dude can tie one mean bucktail. Snagged this great looking bunker pattern from him


M Fischer Plugs popper looks sweet


aaa1One of the more interesting new plugs is Vertabrae Lures. It looks like a darter that jointed in 4 places. Lou Caruso said he did good one night with them last year and that they cast surpassingly well. I got my hand on one and I am looking forward to seeing this for myself. Definitely the most interesting thing I’ve seen in awhileasae asd

There was a lot of people at Ward Melville, Berkley and Asbury and it was great to see all. Hell some people were at all three shows, not displaying, but shopping! My wife got nothing on you, and you know who you are!

Luna custom plugs, Arsenal, DMag, Big Rock and so many others were there that if I wasn’t at table with my lovely daughter who asked to help and came for the first time, i would have left my mortgage $ there and begged for toll money to get back home. The plug madness, after being extinguished or docile for few years is burning brightly yet again. Good, glad to see record crowds at all shows and again, our sincerest thanks to Asbury, Berkley, Ward Melville, RISAA and Surf Days crews for putting together great events. Ward Melvile Expo is growing leaps and bounds and it might be time to expand it next year. Fortunately they have that ability. If you are a vendor put this on your list for next year. Seeing Don and Steve Musso from Super Strike Lures is always a treat.

I am hesitant to bring this up, don’t want to make this about sj gear but I also want to be fair…before we let everyone else know.

We know a lot of you could not make it to shows..everything that we had at shows is now in our online store at, including new moon Girls and Mean Bass tees, restocked Long Sleeve and short Night crew, hats and whatever Mean bass hoodies are left from the shows. We figured we let the blog readers know about it first

IMG_4427 L51806 L51804

More giveaway of some real cool stuff coming up

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  1. Tom Bozan

    Z it was a pleasure seeing you and meeting that lovely young lady that was helping you , thank you for the post and I can’t wait for your report on the pencil, 1 thing I would like to do is send a few DTLures up for a give a way by the Journal . you set the rules , I will supply the plugs.
    Your Friend


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