Personal best, when you least expect it

Sometimes an “eventful” occurrence means that something nice and unexpected happened to you. But sometimes, It is not so pleasant. Right now we have a 170 page new SJ issue with bunch of videos ready to roll but…

yes, that darn BUT

One of our readers contacted us yesterday and told us that although he can watch embedded SJ videos on his Mobile and iPad they won’t play on his PC and Mac. Sure enough ,after I checked my desktop i found same results. On to our genius squad who informed us that youtube changed their embed protocol and we have to update our platform AND re-upload all 32 issues. Oh brother…but then again, if we did not know this, we would have been left with an egg on our faces when making new issue live and having videos that do not play. So hang with us, Tommy is working on it..

Speaking of Tommy and “eventful” things

We have been friends for years now and I watched his progression from at times in early years, being in awe of certain things. To today when he makes me be in awe of him at times. Like when I watch him cast. I literally grimace in pain as I watch just how much he puts into every single cast. I think my elbow would explode if I tried that. But he is like a machine once he gets going, its like he is almost trying to will a fish to eat his lure. And they often do. He is a pure plug guy although at Cutthunk he will occasionally join me on the dark side and toss few rigged eels. But you can tell that nothing makes him brim with confidence more than having a Super Strike plug attached to his clip at night or a YoZuri Surface Cruiser in a daytime. And does he get that plug out there..

Where am I going with this?
He did some nice fish on his own and some high 30 pound fish with me on the rocks at Cutty, but the entry to the 40 pound club has eluded him so far. He rearly fishes in the daytime, in fact, he is usually gearing up when I am just about done at night. But few weeks ago, instead of his usual past-midnight departure, he took a walk to his special spot at dusk because the tide was “good”

But this wasn’t meant to be a regular night. From the first cast till the darkness enveloped the beach he must have felt that he died and went to striper heaven


Three fish in 30’s and a 40 and his personal best 44. All on YoZuri pencil popper

Sometimes best things happen when you least expect them.
So congratulation to SJ Director and t-shirt designeR extraordinaire on his most excellent accomplishmentweqfergf

Speaking of t-shirt designing…..
The fellow who designed the Moon Girl and Grim Reaper SJ gear, Kris Magnotti who works out of DaVincci Tattoo studio in Wantagh NY, landed his personal best few nights later
It was his only fish of the night but this bluefish cleared 21 pounds
that is a big fish by anyones standards!IMG_5400

14 comments on “Personal best, when you least expect it

  1. jimmy z

    Nice fish to all. And yes, I’ve been surprised many nights with nice bass and even big blues. It doesn’t get any better than that

  2. Chris

    Great fish! Good spot, too. True to form, I missed the bass, but like Kris, had a 21lb blue on a late night walk. I’ll take it! Again, congrats on a great beast!


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