PENN Spinfisher V Look At Upgrades

The winner of two spools of new Kanzen Braid by Seaguar is Richard Jacoby

Please email us your shipping address within 5 days…Congrats

Btw..what I wrote this weekend about the future of the Surfcaster’s Journal, I only meant the magazine itself. The blog, like I said , is something that is here to promote the magazine, not the other way around. And regardless what we do with the magazine, the blog will be here as it is…although there will be some changes ,the blog would not be a part of any decision we make about the magazine. Even if they are connected at the hip, I don’t see the blog becoming a subscribers only thing. I know some of you probably have thoughts that you don’t care to put into the box for all to see. I wanted to let you know that you can freely drop me a line at my home email at with any thoughts


Here is a new PENN Spinfisher V Upclose Look At Upgrades.

We will give you a chance to win one, size of your choice. Stay tuned for details in the upcoming issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

Get your cameras ready


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6 comments on “PENN Spinfisher V Look At Upgrades

  1. mikec67s

    i don’t want to sound like a fag…but your a great guy and your doing a hell of a job with all you have on your plate, dude life is tuff enough and you doing a magnificent job with this site…you call what you see things as…in your eyes…and give the rest of us a window of what we think…you are a rare and cool dude…smart but not a smart azz…you are needed by alot of fisherman in the way you teach and the way you present your self….i appreciate it…you are helpful but don’t wear it around like an ugly shirt….just want to say thank you for being a fishermans friend……be cool Z in what ever you choose…..mike

  2. harv

    i happen to like the blog better than the magazine but im usually diff than most imagine red shirt from penn catching a tuna lmao.. that rod would be bent like a pretzel

  3. David Strom

    Slimy Skate — I recall the price is around $160, depending on model.

    Lots of info around on other sites, or Penn’s.




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