PENN Spinfisher V – Coming October 2012

PENN REELS folks have something up their sleeve.

Many of you have grown up fishing one or another version of PENN Spinfisher reel.

Well, they have Generation V coming in October. Looks really sweet with sealed body design and lots of great features. Not sure if the bailess model is in the works but I will ask.

The price for this beauty? Are you sitting down ?

one hundred sixty bucks or so !…yup, under two hundred bucks. For those of you with a thousand dollars workhorse reels, this might be a fantastic back up and for those new to sport a best starter reel ever made…of course, the time will tell.

For now , enjoy the video


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7 comments on “PENN Spinfisher V – Coming October 2012

  1. Shawn

    This is what was posted by one of the Penn Reps.

    “Bailess (manual) 6500 and longcast 7500 models – will be available in Sept 2013. Kits for the bailess will not be available but if you are determined to modify your reel you will be able to buy parts through the PENN parts department”.

  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I’ll hold my breath on the price. the battle was suppose to be cheaper than it ended up. But it is on my must have list. That and the torque bailess. ( it this goes bailess the torque could become a useless reel).

  3. Steve Knapik

    In the past Penn anodized gears have a tendency to be softer metal that strip over time. I noticed that the reel uses a skirted spool which I am not a big fan of. With that said if Penn can make a better Spinfisher than the older models then I would certainly buy one. Only time will tell how well they will last.

  4. Janet Messineo

    Yea PENN. I have been a Penn fan for over 35 years and actually felt like a trader when I had to turn my back on them when I switched to braid. I now have many Shimano Sustains but look forward to seeing these new Penns. I run a shore guide business so I need some inexpensive, rugged reels that can handle braid. I was hoping Penn had something in the works. Will be waiting for these to hit the market.


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