Penn Slammer III- The Water Test Video

It does not matter how many times I tell you that Penn Slammer III is not designed to be cranked under water. Or  that neither we or PENN Reels encourages you to do so. We know that is designed to be splash proof and that it can be occasionally dunked, we just took a step further in testing ……just in case

explanation below the video

I’ll be first to admit there are times that you need to wade out to a offshore bar, there are times you need to “push out” on outgoing tide in Montauk, there are times you need to crank the reel under water when you get knocked off the rock before you lose your plugs in the kelp. There are even times in the Sound or calmer bodies of water where you have to wade out on a sandbar and use your reel under water. Part of the reason why Van Staal, ZeeBaaS and Penn Torque are so prevalent in these conditions, Van Staal in particular. I think you’ll be surprised with a Slammer III but I still think, just like every rod has a specific application, so do different reels 

6 comments on “Penn Slammer III- The Water Test Video

  1. Bill jakob


    It’s time my brother to fish beside me at Montauk ,I fish my reel under water 90%
    Of the time .Granted I’m only five foot five and that doesn’t require much water .
    Fish along side me this fall , granted the conversation will be limited fish next to you as I’ll
    Be completely submersed while your chest deep .This is how I have fished my Van Staal
    Reels since the day they hit the market. It’s considered normal fish chest deep in water ,
    And yes I was one of those guys that started the skishing along with Melnik in Montauk
    Back in the day.lets make it a date – oh and bring along that silly Penn with you !

    Your friend ,

    Bill Jakob

    1. zhromin Post author

      Hey bud
      You nailed it on a head even although you probably do not realize it.
      We tend to look at surfcasting the way we fish. Since you are in Montauk all the time you think that is what everyone needs. From manufacturing point of view, what you do is extreme most people surf fishing do not need features that you do. So yeah, thank God for VS …and thanks God i am taller than USA gymnastic team…lol

  2. Chris A

    Zeno I do agree on your comments but I think you forgot that most of us walk the flats at night and use our rods as walking sticks. So the reel is full submerged. Another point is my Van Staal has had leaks in the past. The thing most interesting to me is when my Van Staal had a leak I had no idea and only found out when it was serviced. But I was glad to found out that no internal parts had rust or need replacement. To me the bigger test is to suck those parts for a longer time to see if those internal gears will rust/need replacement As for Penn I thank them for looking out for us surfcaster community and making great products. I only here good things about them.

    1. zhromin Post author

      Not really and here is why
      IMHO the walking with rod as a wading tool and cranking the reel underwater are not only two different things but completely different from each other. All my reel leaked at one point or another from every manufacturer. If you let your seals dry out you will get water in the reel.

  3. Blackdogfish

    This seems to bridge the gulf between Spinfisher/Clash and the Torque…and does that really well. Or another way of looking at it, is you’re getting a lot closer to the VS and the Torque at half the price. that’s pretty impressive. As you say, many guys do not need to be using a VS…but could sure use more than a Clash. Looks like I might upgrade from MY 704Z too…1985. thanks for your non-scientific sand test and the water test. good to see. Z- Do you have a pre-production model? Think anything will be changed when the production model hits the shelves? Can you comment on line lay?


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