Penn Slammer III- SpiderWire Stealth new video plus Sebile Stick shads

About a week ago we had some really hard NE winds for few days and Montauk was loaded with schoolies. Yes, some claimed they had keepers on every cast, particularly those who claim they can cast further than everyone else…or had a better rock.

If you been around long enough, you’ve heard all. All I can say that I’ve seen or heard of few hundred fish on saturday and no one carried a keeper home.Not one…

Far cry from this weekend when a “real” noreaster put some bigger fish on the beach. Parade of 30 pound bass in the lot was in the full effect…

Anyway, to each its own. Glad I was able to go for a day, see some friends I did not see in a while and land some good fish. More on these Sebile Stick shads in the future but just a note that I am totally NEW to these lures. I know some of you canal rats know whats up but I was fishing two days this week with Patrick Sebile on LI and I have few stories to tell..when I have some time

Which I don’t right now but here is one shot of stick shads that bass inhaled on north side of the light during a noreasterimg_0028

Back to main body of todays post. I loaded the PENN Slammer III reel up with SpiderWire 30lb Stealth Braid, got into the wetsuit and walked into Caswells where I managed I think 34 bass and two blues on small bucktail. Some rough conditions, very difficult to get to rocks and yeah, I got swept few times and could be seen flailing my arms like a bird in the wash. But here is the funny thing, no one has seen it because  according to Legend of Montauk,  walk to Caswels is considered “walk from hell”. So I only did it 2 times that Saturday, figured I need to get my cardio in.

Here is a video from that day

One comment on “Penn Slammer III- SpiderWire Stealth new video plus Sebile Stick shads

  1. Staktup

    Z, I love how you called those fish behind the wave or in the whitewater like calling “glass” or “bank” on the basketball court.

    I look forward to a season finale review.

    Any plans to do a Tsunami Shield review as well?

    Thank you.


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