Pelican 2720 LED light..something special

Today’s blog will be in a video form. Sometimes you have the stuff in front of your nose, and you never know. Like I when I had this Pelican 2720 LED light in the box in my basement for a whole winter. And then I opened the box and went WTF?

What can I tell you, if I could read English better I would have stayed and finished high school. I realize I did not pick a winner of Tsunami lure package yet so let’s get to it. The winner is You have 5 days to contact me at and I will get this out to you.


In other news, its 4 am and I am barely functioning. My thumb is chewed up, I lost most of my bucktails..again. And I fought and landed what I thought was going to be the biggest fish ever…that is coming up this weekend. Right now I need to get my ass to LIRR and to work

Have a great weekend.



4 comments on “Pelican 2720 LED light..something special

  1. Louis Caruso

    I have been using pelican lights for 3 years now. Have never had one fail …..Great lights.

  2. DonR

    Curses Z!!!! Last night every time I had to turn off my head lamp with bunker blood and guts dripping from my fingers— I thought of this blog!


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