Night Shift podcast with Gary Soldati

We just dropped a new Night Shift podcast episode with Gary Soldati. Check it out wherever you get your podcast or at and don’t forget to subscribe so you can get a notification when a new one is published

One comment on “Night Shift podcast with Gary Soldati

  1. jpapciak

    I read The Last Wave article with Gary Sadolti with much interest. I originally thought it was to be a re-telling of the story of Al Pelini. Al’s story was the basis of the “Confessions of a Wetsuiter” article I submitted shortly thereafter. I was never to Cuttyhunk but took a look with my trusted charts. Looks like Canapitsit Channel (if that’s the spot) is about 780 feet, give or take, well under a quarter of a mile. That’s well short of a warmup of laps in the pool. As long as there’s some experience with open water swimming, and some conditioning, it might be thinkable, though a full assessment of what a 700 foot swim with gear at night is all about, and an honest list of what can go wrong wouldn’t hurt.


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