New videos

Here are some new videos from SJ and one from John Skinner

Vas Staal VSX Reels with Craig Cantelmo


Bill Wetzel on Split Ring pliers


Lou Caruso on Rac A Rod roof racks


John Skinner on darters


just a quick note, actually two of them

1) those pesky camo hats are back in stock in the online store

2) all orders placed monday through friday will be shipped on Saturday the 19th

carry on…and easy on eggnogcamo

One comment on “New videos

  1. joe wilson

    I was just wondering how that van staal vr turned out to be since u been testing it out. I am getting one and im extremely curious. I might have to go with the vsx if your opinion isnt that well. Also i have to wait till after christmas which is not fun. Your magazine is great cant wait till the next issue thanks


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