New video- ODM Rods with Surfcaster’s Journal , Lou Caruso

I had a pleasure of meeting SJ Rod Guru Lou Caruso in our usual spot a week ago to shot some videos. For me the best part of doing these types of videos is that i have no idea what exactly are we shooting until I show up.

Most of the times, since I set up the video shoot, it is usually my idea for the video. With these videos that are decided by someone else, its kind exciting for me to find out right at the shoot. I stay away from telling our  columnists and contributors about topic that they should cover. I think most of them will do a  best job when you let them decide what they want to cover. After all,. they are experts and I am just a guy with a camera. We shot three videos, one on ODM rods, one on new Cousin’s blank and one on a very cool new Rod Geeks rods.

Very unusual, the wind stayed low. Unfortunately maybe a little too low as we both ate about a pound of noseeumms.

ODM are fairly new rods in comparison to some other brands but are quickly building a following.

you can visit them at to get more information about their full line of products

Here is the new video



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